TGIF {49}: Choose Your Next Read

Choose Your Next Read: How do you go about choosing 
what you read next? Do you have a schedule you follow, or do you read whatever makes you happy at the moment?

This is my current to-read pile, to the left. (Over there <— ) The books are organized by publication date, and I usually take my pick on what to read next. But, a kink to this system is for review books, which is a different pile not shown here. Those I read in order of priority (to both my reading them and to the publisher).

I have this system so I get through the books I must read first, and then when I move onto the books I should read, I know where to start. Because that pile up there is somewhat daunting. I’ll explain the stacks for you, while I’m at it. The first is from TLA back in April. (I know. I only tooks those books out of the bag when I came back from BEA.) The second is ARCs from BEA, and the third is hardcovers (mostly signed) from BEA. There’s a tiny stack that can’t be seen in this picture with books for giveaways that I got at BEA as well!

So that’s how I organize my to-reads.

NOTE: Ginger is canceling the TGIF Meme until further notice (I know, you’re sad! ME TOO!) so I’m still figuring something to go on Fridays. I like this meme because I think it’s a nice celebration of Fridays! If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments!

This feature is hosted by the fab Ginger of GReads! Go check her out here.

  • I know, I’m sad TGIF is on hold too! But I think for now I’ll just use the extra day for reviews. I have Top Ten Tuesday on well, Tuesday of course and I’m testing out my own meme on Sundays (please check it out if you’re interested! It’s struggling so far lol) so I probably won’t pick up any new memes right now!
    Ahhh that’s quite the TBR stack! So jealous of all your BEA books! Though I guess I still have a ton of books in my library (aka bookshelves) and I stupidly took myself off my library ban and now I have 4 library books. Oops!

  • I feel like if I stacked up all my books and stared at my TBR, I’d get VERY intimidated. So many books I have yet to read!