The Sounds of Freshman Year

Helloooo my lovely friends! I’m back with a post all about what I’ve been jamming out to lately. I haven’t shared my music tastes in a while and I thought it was about time.

This year my tastes have shifted a bit. I’m still into the same general genres (basically everything except heavy metal) but I have found myself listening more to certain genres than I did before coming to college. Why, you may ask? My roommate and I had incredibly similar music tastes, but she listens to more electronic and upbeat music than I usually do, so she turned me on to a bunch of new stuff. Basically, I learned that I really like electronic music and remixes.

I also found myself listening to the same music over and over and over again until I literally couldn’t listen to it anymore, so this list is pretty much my freshman year in a playlist.

Some highlights:

  • LANY (i’m in love with this band)
  • HONNE (s/o to my friend maya who turned me on to them)
  • “waves” by Miguel, remixed by Tame Impala (surprisingly amazing)
  • “All in Love” by The Tallest Man on Earth
  • “Number One” by Tove Styrke (s/o to the Riverdale soundtrack)
  • all the blackbear (aka i’m in love with blackbear!!!!!)

I feel like I’m half a basic college student and half cool and edgy when it comes to my music tastes.

Actually, scratch that.

I’m totally a basic college student. Not cool and edgy at all.


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My Forever Albums



I have this tendency to listen to the same albums consistently for weeks, months, years even. These albums are like staple pieces of clothing in your wardrobe – I’ll listen to them for forever and never get tired of them. I thought I’d share my list, in hopes that they’ll become some of your “forever albums” too!

The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

This is just… This album is everything to me. My dad played it for me in 2010 when it came out and I just fell in love. I’ve been listening to this album for five years and I still love it just as much. It’s my driving soundtrack, my writing playlist, my blogging music, and my falling asleep tunes.

Some favorites from the album: “The Suburbs”, “Rococo”, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”, “Wasted Hours”.

Goddess – BANKS

If you know anything about me, you know that BANKS is my queen. She is my goddess. I’ve been listening to her for about a year and a half (I was obsessed with her EPs before the album came out) and I still can’t get enough. Her vocals, her lyrics, her sound – it’s just everything to me.

Some favorites from the album: “Stick”, “Fuck Em Only We Know”, “Drowning”, “Beggin For Thread”, “Goddess”.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Obviously Bon Iver is on this list. I’ve been listening to Bon Iver for about four years, and oh have those years been glorious. In addition to his self-titled album, his EP Blood Bank and his earlier album, For Emma, Forever Ago, are also included in this entry. Bon Iver is kind of like Arcade Fire for me – he’s my go to for every situation. Particularly nighttime or rainy days though!

Some favorites from the album(s): Off Bon Iver – “Towers”, “Hinnom, TX”, “Wash”; Off Blood Bank – “Babys” and “Woods”; Off For Emma, Forever Ago – “The Wolves (Act I and II)”, “Creature Fear”, “Team”, “Re: Stacks”.

Continuum – John Mayer

I was introduced to John Mayer sometime around 2009/2010, and I’ve been in love with him since. I own ContinuumBattle Studies, and Paradise Valley, but Continuum is my favorite. This album is such a staple for me, mainly because it has such a consistent sound and is mixed so beautifully.

Some favorites from the album: “Belief”, “Stop This Train”, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”, “Bold As Love”.

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – M83

M83 is incredibly underrated. This album is absolutely incredible, and found on a whim by me in 2011/2012. It’s a lengthy album too, so definitely an undertaking when I had no job and had barely heard any of the music. I was rewarded, though! This album is a killer, and one I come back to consistently.

Some favorites from the album: “Midnight City”, “Wait”, “Raconte-moi une histoire”, “OK Pal”, “Another Wave from You”, “Fountains”, “Outro”.

Soft Connections – Nic Hessler

Where are all the Nic Hessler fans? There need to be more of us. Nic Hessler is a recent discovery of mine, and one I stumbled upon at my local music store. I fell in love with the first couple songs and bought it on impulse. When I listened to the entire album I was so happy I’d bought it. I seriously listened to the first song of the album on repeat for about a half hour once. I love it that much.

Some favorites from the album: “I Feel Again”, “Hearts, Repeating”, “Do You Ever?”, “Expel Me”.

Youth – Wild Cub

Wild Cub got fairly popular after their tour with Vampire Weekend last spring, but I was onto them before that! I’ve been a fan since the fall of 2013, and am still going strong. Wild Cub just have such a great sound. They also do incredible covers, so I’d check out their Soundcloud if you’re a fan of the album!

Some favorites from the album: “Shapeless”, “Thunder Clatter”, “Drive”, “Hidden in the Night”, “Blacktide”, “Lies”.

And the one you all knew was coming….

The 1975 – The 1975

My everything album. The 1975 are my one true loves. This album, along with their EPs, are the soundtrack of my life, and have been for the past two and a half years. I can’t get enough of them. After two concerts and three acoustic shows, you’d think I’d have enough, but not yet! If you somehow haven’t heard of them yet, go listen. Now.

Some favorites from the album(s):Off The 1975 – “The City”, “Talk!”, “Settle Down”, “Menswear”, “Pressure”; Off Facedown – “Antichrist”, “Woman”; Off Sex – “Milk”, “You”; Off IV – “fallingforyou”, “Haunt//Bed”; Off Music For Cars – “Head.Cars.Bending”, “Milk”.

What are your forever albums? Let me know in comments!

And you can listen to all these albums on Spotify below. (It’s 100 songs and six and a half hours, so get comfy.)


Summer Playlist

Background Image from WeHeartIt

Background Image from WeHeartIt

I’ve had an incredible summer thus far. It’s been my first summer where I can drive on my own and have more independence because my jobs and my age. Due to this, the music I’ve been listening to has been more summery, more “driving music”, and more bright and airy. Here’s my summer playlist!

‘CAUSE I’M A MAN – Tame Impala
GHOST – Halsey
CARRY ME – Joywave
BARCELONA – George Ezra
FORGET – Saint Cava
TEETH – The Japanese House
LIFTED UP (1985) – Passion Pit
EVENTUALLY – Tame Impala
BODYACHE – Purity Ring
THE SUBURBS – Arcade Fire
AGAPE – Bear’s Den
RUNAWAY – Mr Little Jeans
I FEEL AGAIN – Nic Hessler

And to listen to the mix on Spotify, you can go here, or listen below.


I hope you enjoy this mix of brighter and darker sounds for the day and nighttime, and it can be the soundtrack to your summer as well!


May Wrap-Up


On the last day of every month I’ll be doing a wrap-up with my favorite books, music, and posts from that month. 

This month, I marathoned the end of school, read a ton, blogged a ton, started a new novel, and cried over not going to BEA. (And sorry, this month is a bit late.)

Check out last month’s wrap-up: April


18798983The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh | Goodreads | Review

I read this book at the beginning-middle of the month and still can’t stop talking about it. It’s fantasy, romance, magic, and a beautiful story of loyalty all combined in one.

19542841 More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera | Goodreads | Review

There’s been so much hype surrounding this book and it’s well placed. More Happy Than Not focuses on self-discovery and coming to terms with who you are in a world where you have the ability to forget.

23015948A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith | Goodreads

Hilary T. Smith has done it again. The heart-wrenching, lyrical writing that Smith does so beautifully is back, and the story is better than ever. A Sense of the Infinite follows a teenage girl’s pregnancy, friendships, family, and her struggle to become her own person in her senior year in high school. Review coming soon!

23492282Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry | Goodreads

If you don’t already know I love Katie McGarry with my entire heart and soul, then you’ve been living under a rock.

It’s the new Katie McGarry. I loved it. A lot. Review coming soon!

23149128 (1)Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider | Goodreads | Review

Robyn Schneider’s novel The Beginning of Everything was one of my favorite books of 2013, so Extraordinary Means had a lot to live up to. It was successful though. Extraordinary Means follows Lane and Sadie, two teenagers living at the Latham House, a place for teenagers living with tuberculosis. Their friendships, heartaches, and stories of love make this book an emotional and achingly beautiful read.



“Teeth” by Japanese House

“Illuminate” by Kite String Tangle

“Blood Stutter” by Handsome Ghost

“I Forgot Where We Were” by Ben Howard

Note: The soundcloud track below has been uploaded by someone who is NOT Ben Howard. He hasn’t posted it on Soundcloud and Spotify was being funky for me!

“Bridges” by Broods

Listen to this entire album. It’s that good.


I did a couple playlists this month and I loved doing them. I’m hoping to do some more soon! I did my Driving Playlist and my Studying Playlist – go check them out!

I also did some more personal posts. I did one called “The Balancing Act” about how I balance all of the different activities I take part in. I also did the Taylor Swift Tag (I LOVED THIS TAG SO MUCH), where I picked books that matched different Taylor Swift songs. Lastly, I reread Jellicoe Road and wrote a post explaining my undying love for this book.

IT’S JUNE! We made it. School is out for ME AND I’M PUMPED.

I started working at Barnes and Noble last week and I’m loving it. I’m going to have an incredibly busy summer (I’ll be working two jobs and am taking Italian online) but I’m determined to find time to both read and blog. So please bug me if I haven’t been posting and remind me to get my act together.


(no shame for the obligatory High School Musical gif) (also why is Troy cowering) (what’s his problem they’re just papers)


Album Review: When The Night – St. Lucia

When The Night by St. Lucia

I was introduced to St. Lucia by Rachel (I think?) through their song “Elevate”, and was super excited for the release of their first full length album (they’ve got a couple of EPs, my favorite being the self-titled one). One of my close friends got it for me for an early birthday gift and I was simply giddy!

When The Night starts off with the track “The Night Comes Again” which an intro filled with soft vocals – a great intro of sorts to the album. “Elevate” comes third on the album, picking up the vibe and making me want to dance like crazy (this is also one of my favorite songs, so there’s that too). One of my top picks from the album is “Closer Than This”, track six which features a strong synth and a similar dance vibe to “Elevate”, although to be completely honest the entire album is dance worthy. “We Got It Wrong”, track eight, is also a new pick, because I’m a fan of the drum beats at the beginning, which show off the 80’s influences that are prominent throughout the album. For a close, the track “When The Night” is both very long (7:21) and also a great outro to tie up the album – I’m a fan of intros and outros if I’m being completely honest!

I’m a big fan of St. Lucia, and can’t wait to see what’s next for this South African-born singer-songwriter Jean-Philip Grobler, who is the man behind St. Lucia.

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