Review Policy

Currently Willa’s Ramblings is accepting books for review!

I’m so happy that you’re considering me for a review! Please read the following guidelines and information below to ensure that we will respond, and that we are the right people for you. Any emails that do not follow the guidelines below will not be responded to.

What You Can Expect From Me

As a book reviewer, I take my job seriously. Not all of the time will I give an in-depth analysis (I spend way too much time doing this for school), but I will always write honest reviews that express my thoughts and opinions. I read for enjoyment, not because I have to, so my reviews will reflect that. My reviews are my thoughts, and in many cases, these can be overflowing emotions, which will come across in my reviews.

I will review books I like and books I don’t like. I do not guarantee a positive review, nor do I guarantee that I will review your book. I will do my best to post consistently and review everything I read, but due to the fact that I’m a very busy person, this is not always possible. But I appreciate you contacting me all the same!

What will I include? Our reviews include the *book cover, *synopsis, *all publishing details (date, publisher, genre), and finally, my review. I attempt to post my reviews on Goodreads, but most times this does not end up happening, although I can do this if you specify. (* = from Goodreads)

I may our posts on my other blogs as well. This is simply because I don’t have enough time in the day to write double the amount of posts for all of my blogs, but I’ll let you know if that happens. That’s simply more visibility for you, though! So win, win! (Some of the reviews may be posted on Book People Teen Press Corps and Lit Up Review where I contribute.)

I AM Currently Accepting Reviews!

Please note that I DO NOT ACCEPT SELF PUBLISHED NOVELS. If you contact me for a review for a self-published novel, I will not respond. I apologize in advance.

Willa’s Ramblings is both a young adult and some adult book blog, so you can submit requests to me for both genres.

Please Note: I love romance, so all novels with incorporated romance I adore. Send ‘em on. Contemporary YA also falls into this category! But please know that I will not review erotica or religious fiction.

Series: We all love a good series, but before sending me a request, please check to see if I’ve read the first book. If not, maybe ask me to read the first? That’d be a nice compromise.


I love giving away books to my readers, but even more when you provide the books and shipping! If you want to contact my about this, please head on over to my “Contact” page.

Interviews/Guest Posts

Interviews and Guest Posts are always highly appreciated! However, I will only do interviews for books I have read or you are willing to provide me for review. For guest posts, I do not accept freelance writers.

Blog Tours

Blog tours are one of my favorite things to do! Please contact me with any blog tours you wish to do. I may accept the book for review in addition, or not, but most times I am willing to do something.

Thanks so much for reading my policy, and please head over to the “Contact” page if you’re still interested!