New Music I’ve Been Loving


I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately, partly because I went to Austin City Limits Music Festival the other week and heard some great new stuff. I’ve also not had a Music Monday up lately (I BLAME COLLEGE APPLICATIONS) so this will all be new stuff!


Daybreaker – Moon Taxi

One of my friends adores Moon Taxi, and I saw them at ACL on the day that Daybreaker, their new album, came out. It’s a stellar one – very NeedToBreathe-esque, so if you’re a fan of them I’d definitely check out Daybreaker! Some standout songs are “Year Zero”, “All Day All Night”, and “Run Right Back”.

WILD – Troye Sivan

I’m a bit late on the game but THIS ALBUM IS SO FREAKING AMAZING. It appeals to that part of me that is super into electronica/synths/interesting vocals. Troye has an incredible voice and his lyrics are impeccable. My favorite titles of the EP are “Wild”, “Fools”, and “The Quiet”. Also, check out his music videos for “Wild”, “Fools”, and “Bite” – they’re incredible!

ZABA – Glass Animals

I’d heard a bit of Glass Animals before, but I’d never gave them a serious listen. And oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. They’re such a cool band. They have interesting synths on their album (cue the rainforest animals?) and combine them with stunning vocals and out-there lyrics. I’m a convert. Song loves: “Gooey”, “Flip”, and “Walla Walla”.

Badlands – Halsey

Now, I loved Halsey’s EP. But Badlands. It blew me out of the water. (And live she’s even more incredible!) The musicality, stunning lyrics, and a great combination of guitar and synth made this album a standout. I’m obsessed. Favorite songs are “New Americana”, “Castle”, “Colors”, and “Roman Holiday”.

My Love is Cool – Wolf Alice

I’m seriously bitter because they played at ACL second weekend and I went first weekend. *cries for years* This album is amazing. I love it. I play it on repeat at all times of day. It’s slow and fast and bright and sad. It’s everything and anything you could ever want in a record. Favorite songs include “Bros”, “You’re a Germ”, and “The Wonderwhy”.


“Pierre” – Ryn Weaver

I’m not a huge fan of the entire album, but “Pierre” is sing-out-loud-in-your-car-and-not-care music to the extreme. Her voice is flat-out amazing and the musicality of this track made me fall in love with it!

“Shut Up and Dance” – WALK THE MOON

Not a new one but YES. If you ever have the chance to see WALK THE MOON live, do it, because they’re one of those bands who blow you away live. This track is one of my favorites off their most recent album, mainly because it’s such a fun one.

“Molecules” – Atlas Genius

The single off their new album and it’s everything. Loud, boisterous, and perfect to belt out in the car. (Which I do often.) Go listen to this track, whether you’re fan of Atlas Genius’s music or not!

That’s it for me! What are some of your recent musical loves? Share them in comments!