Favorite brunch spots in NYC

Happy August, everyone!

I’m back in Austin for the next bit of time, hanging out with my parents, getting plenty of sun, and sleeping as much as humanly possible. (Plus, I’m WRITING! WHOOHOO!) This post is dedicated to one of my favorite things, brunch. This summer, I did a lot of brunching in NYC, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots all over the city.

The Mermaid Inn (UWS)

This one absolutely blew me away! I got the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, and my friend and I shared the fries (which were SO good). Basically, everything on the menu looked delicious! I’ve also been to their sister restaurant which serves killer pizza (Pizzeria Sirenetta). This is a great place to bring friends and isn’t too busy most days! I highly highly recommend it. 

The Wild Son (Meatpacking)

This place is basically one of the artsiest places you can go for brunch, in my opinion. It’s right on the Hudson River and a pain to get to but in such a great area. Right next to the Chelsea Market and the Whitney! It’s a great spot for a health(ier) breakfast, and super cute.

I got the Grandma Anna (pictured in the picture to the right) which had scrambled egg, house guanciale, broccoli rabe chimichurri, sweet hot pepper aioli on brioche. Basically, it was crazy good. We sat at the bar, which is absolutely adorable! You can see a bit of it in the picture on the right.

Petite Abeille (Lower Flatiron/Chelsea area)

Petite Abeille serves Belgian food (!!!) and so I had to try it out. I’ve been following their Intagram account for ages, and finally the food looked too good for me to put off going any longer. So, I went! We got a table pretty much immediately, and decided to split a belgian waffle (because you can’t go to a Belgian restaurant without getting a Belgian waffle). I learned that I don’t think I like waffles.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict Royale which comes with salmon. At this point, I now realized I have an addiction to Salmon Eggs Benedict. The food was incredible, and such a cute spot! They have a tiny little backyard, and I think it would be a great spot to go to in the fall as well. I definitely recommend this spot!

Good Enough to Eat (UWS)

I went to this spot with a friend to get a cheap but delicious brunch, and this place CAME THROUGH. Mind you, cheap on New York standards! We both got the same thing–eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon. It was utterly delicious! They served the pancakes with strawberry butter, which was a fun and yummy twist. (Picture to the right!)

This is definitely a busy spot though, so I’d suggest going on a weekday to get a good spot! However, I recommend it for a simple but good breakfast for yourself and some friends.

(Also, apologies on the bad picture quality–it’s from Snapchat AND the restaurant was fairly dark.)

The Smith (Lincoln Square)

This is that spot where you have your parents/grandparents/people-who-will-spend-money-on-you take you. My friend and I went on her parents’ dime (long story) so we proceeded to go ALL OUT. We ate so much food we barely had room for dinner that day! However, it was delicious and because I ate so much I can give you some recommendations:

The Smith is famous for their mac and cheese, and as a deep lover of some good ‘ole mac, I would highly recommend splitting this dish. It’s a LOT of food and super rich. It’s yummy, but I’m glad my friend and I shared it.

Get a bunch of things and split them! There’s so much good food on the menu that you just can’t pass up.

MAKE A RESERVATION. This place gets crazy busy!

There’s tons of locations, but I loved the Lincoln Square spot. It’s especially great if you’re going to the Ballet/Met Opera/seeing a show! (We went to go see Oslo after which was AWESOME.)

I got the Eggs Benedict because who else would I be?

(Also, I’ll add to this that before this summer I never ate Eggs Benny. However, I was an overnight convert.)

A sidenote:

Sarabeth’s a common NYC brunch favorite. I, however, am not a huge fan. It’s good, but my feeling is that it’s a bit overpriced for what it is. You can get the same food at other restaurants (including the ones above!) for less money and less effort. (However, if you go, get the muffin basket and buy their jam. It’s life-changing.)

That’s it from me! Expect more fun NYC posts coming this fall. Let me know your favorite brunch spots in the comments!