The other night my mom and I went to go see ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, a film based on the YA book by the same title written by Jesse Andrews.

I remember when this book came out and all of my friends were telling me how incredible it was. Somehow, I didn’t read it. (I still haven’t.) After seeing the movie, I’m regretting this move, but I also want to read the book more than ever before.

ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL is, in one word, honest.

Coming out of the theater, my mom asked me what I thought. The only thing I could come up with in my awed state is, “the characters were all so honest.” And it’s true. Greg, Earl, and Rachel are such honest characters. In the way they look at the world around them (Greg’s introduction to the various circles of people at his school were so hilarious and real that it made me love him even more), the way they interact (the awkward conversations? YEP), their fear/worry about college (yepyepyepyep), and the way they acted. As a teenager, I was able to connect in some ways with not only Greg, but also with Earl and Rachel. I connected with Greg’s desire to be friends with everyone and just get over with high school, Earl’s more care-free attitude, and Rachel’s more artsy creative side.

Another thing I adored about the characters were their hobbies and how much they loved them. Earl and Greg’s movie-making was such an enjoyable part of the movie. (The titles of their remakes had the theater I was in cracking up to no end.) Rachel’s hobby that is shown at the end of the movie had me head over heels in love (TEACH ME RACHEL). I know so many other teenagers with really cool hobbies, and I loved seeing this in a movie. It’s probably one of the first times I’ve seen that in a film, now that I think about it.

Also. Can we talk about how beautiful the film was? Setting wise, production wise – I loved it. After taking a Film Studies class two years ago, I’m so much more aware of the way movies are made and impact that has on your experience watching them. I loved the colors and the way the film looked.

AND THE SOUNDTRACK. Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack. (Actually, I’m going to get myself started.) IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL I HAVE LOTS OF WORDS ON THE SUBJECT. Brian Eno is my hero. He’s brilliant and the soundtrack he put together for this movie is everything. I need to buy it. Now. Please. Release the soundtrack so I can buy it now.

I obviously haven’t read the novel, so I have no idea how it was in comparison to the book, but I would love to hear your thoughts in comments. I’m curious how Andrews did the visual elements of the film (the snippets of Earl and Greg’s movies + the mouse thing) in the book, as well as how it translated to screen from the book.

Last thing I loved: the emphasis on friendship over romance. Greg and Rachel’s friendship was more powerful than if they had been dating, and I loved the way their friendship grew over the course of the film. Their inside jokes and moments watching movies made my heart sing. I wanted to watch them watch movies for hours.


Okay, I’m done.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the book and read it, because I need more Greg, Rachel, and Earl.

  • Jen

    Girl I actually read this book last month! I REALLY enjoyed it – and from the sounds of it, it looks like the movie might have done a good job with it! I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie but seeing that you loved it so much, I might have to. The book is just like the way you described it: honest. I think you would really like the book!!


    • I DEFINITELY need to read it! And dude. watch it. I’ve seen it three times now……….?! You go see the movie, and I’ll read the book! XOXO