My Favorite Spotify Playlists



I’ve recently gotten back into Spotify.

One of the best parts of Spotify (in my opinion) other than the “Discover” tab, is their premade playlists. You can choose playlists based on mood, activity, or environment, and then choose from a bunch of playlists that appeal to different musical tastes.


I’ve put together a list of my favorites to share with you all, mainly because I know that there a billion and two playlists, and since I’ve listened to a bunch of them, I’ve got a good selection of some places to start.

indie electronica

One of my favorites, and the first I ever tried, is their “Indie Electronica” playlist. It’s a great mixture of indie music, and not all of it is on the electronic side. There’s also a bunch of songs by artists I already love, like FKA Twigs, SOHN, Banks, and Glass Animals.

If you’re an Indie fan, I definitely recommend this playlist!

dark and stormy


The “Dark and Stormy” playlist is one I love to put on when it’s Dark and Stormy out, or when I’m in the mood for music that matches this. (Think Bon Iver and quieter style songs.) It’s a great mix of songs, featuring indie, some more popular songs, and also some electronica that’s on the quieter side. I love this mix for evening time.

instrumental study

A studying playlist is an obvious must-have for me. I discovered this playlist during my finals studying mayhem, and it proved to be incredible for me. It’s over three hours long, so there is plenty of material to work through! Plus, it’s mostly classical music or more modern classical. A lot of piano ballads. It’s a great studying playlist in addition to the one I made!

evening chill

“Evening Chill” is one of the best evening playlists I’ve found. It’s great for blogging, tidying up, reading, getting ready for bed – it works for everything. It’s a mostly indie playlist, but also has a mix of acoustic and more popular songs. It’s a great playlist that I absolutely ADORE.

heaviest hits throwback workout

Of the workout playlists, this probably is my favorite. I love throwback songs (and this one is throwback to the 2000s, so I know most of them!), especially when working out. It does have a LOT of rap in it, but I’ve found that’s fun to workout to. Have a good workout!

the indie mix


This one is my most played, most loved, and must-have playlist. It’s just straight indie music. It’s mostly the newest indie that you should listen to, but it’s also some older songs. This playlist is just a straight-up goodie. It’s everything I need in a playlist and works for every activity. Listen to this playlist.

I hope this helped some of you that were daunted by Spotify playlists, or hadn’t discovered their beauty yet! Just hit “Follow” on any playlist and it’ll show up in your sidebar. If you find a song you like, hit the little check mark next to it and it’ll be added to your music collection.

Have fun listening!