Epic Recs – January 2015

Epic Recs

Epic Recs is hosted by Judith from Paper Riot and Amber from Books of Amber. “The aim of this was to force each other to read books that we have previously loved.” Check out this post here to find out more!

“Epic Recs” is a feature I’m doing with three of my closest blogger buds, Vy (Vy’s Blog), Jen (Books and Other Happy Ever Afters) and Aneeqah (My Not So Real Life)! How it works is that each month I will recommend a book to one of the other girls, and they’ll recommend one to me, and then we all write reviews at the end of the month. This month, I’m recommending to to Aneeqah, and Vy is recommending to me!

epic recs january

Vy’s recommending The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin to me, because it’s the last in this series, and we both love this series, and also because she needs to fangirl with someone. And, let’s face it, I’m good at that. I’m recommending Take Me On by Katie McGarry because she hasn’t read it yet ?!?!?!! and I just read it and absolutely adored it. But I love all Katie McGarry, so that’s not a surprise.

The girls and I are super pumped to be bringing back Epic Recs, and we’re going to try and keep it going through the year. Let’s hope and pray, guys.

Be sure to check out which other books are being recommended:
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Are you all doing Epic Recs? Are you inspired to make one with your friends? Let me know in comments!


  • Ahahaha this post actually make me laugh so hard, which actually kind of hurt, because my stomach is killing me. #fluseason

    Really though, I can’t even put into words how excited I am that we’re doing this together again!! I love how you were roped into without your consent… we set up the Google doc without you and everything mwahaha.

    I can’t wait to see what you think about The Retribution of Mara Dyer!!! I read the first book of the series and just kinda waited around for the third book to come out so I could binge read the rest of the series! And, alas, I still haven’t finished the series. Go figure. Hopefully you and Vy fangirling about it together (which you truly are an expert at) will push me into reading the last two books.

    Also, I am actually SO EXCITED you recommened Take Me On!! I’m like the world’s most failed blogger for not having read it yet, but you recommending it to me means I have an official excuse to force my dad to get it for me. 😀

    Happy reading, Willa! <33 This WILL continue to happen all year, you hear me?!

    • DON’T KILL YOURSELF STOP LAUGHING THAT’S NOT SMART. I was honored to be roped into Epic Recs. Absolutely honored. And yes. Please. PLEASE go read the rest of the series and fangirl with us. Three is a crowd! And promise me that you will read Take Me On and immediately tweet me so I can fangirl and cry with you, okay? Hugs xo

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