Announcing A NOVEL CHAT


I’m breaking my hiatus to announce to you all my newest project that I’m involved in.

My beloved friends Aneeqah (of the Writing Hustle and My Not So Real Life) and Emily (of Forever Literary) and I are officially co-hosting a YA podcast called A Novel Chat.

What is A Novel Chat?

A Novel Chat is a discussion about YA books, trends, and topics. It was birthed from the desire for those of us who, like Emily, Aneeqah, and I, love podcasts AND books to have something to listen to that was fun and interesting. Aneeqah originally came up with the idea, and Emily and I hopped on board as co-hosts! The structure of A Novel Chat is to have a monthly book that all podcasts in that month will be based around, and then weekly topics inspired by the book of the month. We will be posting weekly on Mondays with new episodes!

What is March’s theme?

For March, we chose the Harry Potter series, which is a beloved book for all of us. We wanted to pick something that a lot of people have read and also that can spark interesting conversations about books for us to have on the podcast. Our first episode (which is live now!) is about YA books that we want to become classics.

Where can you find A Novel Chat?

We’re on every podcast format (we think–let us know if you can’t find us!). Check us out on iTunes here or search us in your neighborhood podcast app and we should pop up. You can find us online at www.anovelchat.com and on Twitter @aNovelChat.

Here’s our first episode, Soundcloud style:

To find out more head over to Aneeqah’s blog here.