Album Review: HAERTS – HAERTS


I had only heard of HAERTS before seeing them live at ACL, but after the first song of their set, I knew I loved this band. Their debut album came out just last week on the 27th, and I’ve listened to it on repeat. It’s definitely one of my favorite albums of the year!

HAERTS starts of with “Heart” which sets the tone for the rest album – the 80’s sound and synths, mixed with Nini (the lead singer)’s fantastic vocals. The fourth track on the album is my favorite – “Call My Name” – which is a bit of a sad song. It’s is calmer, with slower drums, and ethereal guitars, but it’s the chorus that just makes me love this song. I could listen to that chorus for hours – it’s so powerful. “I don’t know I ever CALL MY NAME / When I’ll leave, I’ll take away the pain” – I’m just in love with this song. One of my other favorites, “Giving Up”, is incredible as well. One of my favorite parts of the song is the bridge, which almost reminds me of HAIM, with the snapping and the repetition of “I’m giving up, I’m giving”. The album rounds off with “Hope”, a calmer song featuring Nini’s powerful and soulful voice. It’s not my favorite song on the album, but it definitely is a great end to this incredible record.

If you haven’t heard HAERTS before, go do it. Check out their debut album, which was produced by Jean-Phillipe Grobler of St. Lucia (so if you’re a St. Lucia fan, you’ll love this album too!) HAERTS is Nini Fabi (vocals), Ben Gebert (keyboard), Garrett Ienner (guitar) and Derek McWilliams (bass).

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