Willa’s Ramblings

Willa’s Ramblings was a blog founded by Willa in March 2011. Willa created the blog because she wanted a place to share her love for writing. The blog then became a book review blog with a side love of writing, and now Willa publishes book reviews, music reviews, and other things she deems worthy of sharing.

Hazel of Stay Bookish is the mastermind behind the current design of Willa’s Ramblings.


thumb_IMG_6606_1024 2 300 resWilla is the teen blogger behind Willa’s Ramblings. Willa loves to read, listen to music, write, scribble random words on random sheets of paper, tweet (a lot), spend hours on Wikipedia researching post-World War II politics, buy inordinate amounts of Dr. Martens, smile, laugh, and live. Willa will be heading to college in New York City in the fall of 2016, and you can keep up with her escapades here on Willa’s Ramblings!

In the spring of 2016, Willa and two of her best friends, Aneeqah of My Not So Real Life and Emily of Forever Literary, started a bookish podcast, A Novel Chat. ANC posts weekly, and episodes are chalk-full of recommendations and fangirling, two of Willa’s favorite things. She highly suggests that you subscribe.

Willa started the blog “Lit Up Review” in June of 2013, and closed down in May of 2016. She also blogged for the BookPeople Teen Press Corps,which is affiliated with her local indie bookstore.

Willa is also an aspiring YA novelist which means that you can often find her submerged in a word document, muttering to herself about word choice. You can learn more about Willa’s work on her website (which is grossly out of date).