Why a book isn’t in your bookstore

why a book isn't in bookstore

As many of you may know, I work at Barnes & Noble, and since working there, I get asked one question particularly often: Why isn’t _____ book on the shelves?

Today, I’m going to tackle this question.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on this, but this is what I’ve observed during my time at Barnes & Noble and my own experiences. Also, I could easily be missing a piece to the puzzle – this is just what I know!

Let’s first start out with the one of the most obvious answers to this question: the book is out of print.

This happens more commonly than you think – books that are put out by small presses especially and titles that came out thirty+ years ago. One of the big things to know is that just because you can find a book on Amazon, doesn’t mean the book is in print.

It’s published by a small press.

Barnes & Nobles stores don’t carry EVERY book that comes out – that’s impossible to do. We carry books that publishers pay for us to stock in stores, and it’s expensive. Especially in YA, large presses dominate the shelves, and the possibility of seeing a book not published by the big five publishers is rare.

No one has bought it recently.

This is one of the biggest reasons and one I had no clue about before working in a bookstore.

Whenever we get a new shipment in of books, shelvers have to physically find space on the shelves, because (and if you’ve ever been in a bookstore you’ll know this) Barnes & Nobles shelves are packed TIGHT with books. So we have to pull books from the shelves. The way we choose these? The ones that haven’t been bought recently. The oldest ones come off first, and they come off in order of when we received them and how long it’s been since someone bought them. Then, we send the books back to the publishers and put new books on the shelves for you all to read!

That new title you’re looking for isn’t modeled yet.

“Modeled” means that enough copies have been bought that we will take copies out of the new release section and put them into the main stacks (there is a word for this but I cannot remember it right now). If a book is a new release and it doesn’t sell enough copies, then it isn’t modeled, and therefore, we have to send it back to the publisher.


Also, sometimes we simply don’t get certain books in, but booksellers can always order them to the store. So if you’re best friends with your bookstore’s staff and are in love with a book they don’t have, let them know. Maybe they’ll order copies and you can spread the love.

I hope that explained some of the behind-the-scenes of bookstores, but let me know if you have any further questions! I’d love to answer them.



Book Review: The Darkest Corners


Novel: The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas | Goodreads
Release Date: April 19th, 2016
Publisher: Delacorte
Format: E-ARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

For fans of Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places and Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars,The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell, and the deadly truths those lies become.

There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette, Pennsylvania. Tessa left when she was nine and has been trying ever since not to think about it after what happened there that last summer. Memories of things so dark will burn themselves into your mind if you let them.

Callie never left. She moved to another house, so she doesn’t have to walk those same halls, but then Callie always was the stronger one. She can handle staring into the faces of her demons—and if she parties hard enough, maybe one day they’ll disappear for good.

Tessa and Callie have never talked about what they saw that night. After the trial, Callie drifted and Tessa moved, and childhood friends just have a way of losing touch.

But ever since she left, Tessa has had questions. Things have never quite added up. And now she has to go back to Fayette—to Wyatt Stokes, sitting on death row; to Lori Cawley, Callie’s dead cousin; and to the one other person who may be hiding the truth.

Only the closer Tessa gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer—and this time, it won’t be so easy to run away.

I love thrillers and am always looking out for the next best one. Recently, I’ve been struggling to find one that grabs my attention and has a strong plot and even stronger characters–but The Darkest Corners just took the prize.

This book guys.


It’s filled with twists and turns, chalk full of character development, and the ENDING. Plot twist to end all plot twists.

Tessa is one of those characters I read for. She’s in the middle of growing up but her childhood haunts her. She holds her mother’s abandonment and her father’s incarceration close to her heart, and it makes her have difficulty moving on. So when her father dies and she goes back to her hometown, everything comes falling apart. She begins to doubt that she and Callie put away the right man years ago, and that maybe someone in Tessa’s family is to blame.

But nothing is as it seems.

I loved seeing Tessa grow up over the course of the book and become closer to Callie but also come to terms with her past. The mystery behind Stokes’s trial helps Tessa address her past but it also serves as the main plot line. Thomas did an incredible job of not making Tessa and Callie into Nancy Drew types though. She kept it real. They tried to figure out who the real killer was, but they also didn’t do any unbelievable sleuthing. Instead, they made a ton of guesses and did some research, and then got themselves into a mess that provided for the one of the best plot twists I’ve read in a while!

The Darkest Corners was riveting, well-written, and touching. It’s discussion of family and growing up made it feel like any other contemporary book I love, but the mystery gives it an edge I adored. Get your hands on this one guys – it’s incredible!



Books I’ve Recently Acquired

recently acquired

Hello all!

I’ve recently gotten a ton of books from friends and publishers, so I thought I’d share!

acquired elsewhere

I’m so thankful to Amulet for sending me On the Edge of Gone, which I was not expecting at all! It looks like a dystopian that I’m going to enjoy. I also went and splurged on myself at Barnes & Noble and got myself some goodies I’ve been meaning to read (and know I’ll love).

acquired from edelweiss

This is the biggest part of the haul! I’ve finally put myself in Edelweiss as a Barnes & Noble employee, and to my surprise, certain publishers are auto-downloads for me now!

So I obviously went a bit crazy.


acquired from friends

I’m also incredibly lucky to have phenomenal friends. Jen sent me The Forbidden Orchid in the mail, and Rachel and Megan got me the rest of this set at ALA Midwinter. I was supposed to go with them, but had to cancel to a family (dog) emergency. Then these two were amazing and got me goodies! I love them. A lot. (NEW AMY ZHANG!!!!)


Basically, I’m freakishly excited to get reading.

What are you excited for? Let me know in comments!


Book Review: Salt to the Sea


Novel: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys | Goodreads
Release Date: February 2nd, 2016
Publisher: Philomel Books
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher (thanks to my fave, Jill!)

The author of Between Shades of Gray returns to WWII in this epic novel that shines a light on one of the war’s most devastating—yet unknown—tragedies.

In 1945, World War II is drawing to a close in East Prussia, and thousands of refugees are on a desperate trek toward freedom, almost all of them with something to hide. Among them are Joana, Emilia, and Florian, whose paths converge en route to the ship that promises salvation, the Wilhelm Gustloff. Forced by circumstance to unite, the three find their strength, courage, and trust in each other tested with each step closer toward safety.

Just when it seems freedom is within their grasp, tragedy strikes. Not country, nor culture, nor status matter as all ten thousand people aboard must fight for the same thing: survival.

I love Ruta Sepetys.


Her books make me laugh, cry, and smile.

I adored her first two books, and when I found out about Salt to the Sea I freaked. out.  Sepetys writes historical fiction that makes you feel like you’ve been plopped into the same moment with the characters and are living right alongside them. From the landscapes to the dialogue to the little details, Sepetys nails it.

Salt to the Sea occurs in the same time period as Sepetys’s debut, Between Shades of Gray, except instead of being set in Lithuania and Serbia, Salt to the Sea is set in East Prussia. Joana, Emilia, Florian, and Alfred are all teenagers and young adults combatting the brutal realities of war. Joana is a young nurse’s assistant, Florian is carrying sensitive secrets that could hurt Hitler, and Emilia has secrets of her own  – one of them being she’s a Polish girl escaping prosecution. Alfred is a Nazi soldier – a completely 180 for Sepetys and any historical fiction I read – and being in his head was flat out fascinating.

One of the highlights of the story was that Joana is Lina(from Between Shades of Gray)’s cousin! When this was revealed I jumped for joy – I loved meeting a member of Lina’s family who had a different perspective on coming from Lithuania. Joana’s experience of wondering what happened to her family and ending up in a completely different situation also is an example of the reality of living during a war. That families get separated and you can end up wondering what happened to your family members.

Just like in Between Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy, the romance in Salt to the Sea is subtle. It’s a quiet sort of romance, which I love. Sepetys’s books focus on character development and the individual journey rather than a romantic storyline. It makes her books richer in some ways because you get to know the characters on a more personal level that I adore.

The final thing I loved about Salt to the Sea was Sepetys’s writing. It’s just as beautiful and honest as in her other two books, and it adds so much to the reading experience. If you haven’t read a Ruta Sepetys book, you should partly read them for the incredible writing!

Salt to the Sea is yet another fantastic book from the sensational writer Ruta Sepetys. I can’t get enough of her!



Books I Want to Re-Read in 2016

re-read in 2016

I’ve been wanting to do some massive re-reading for YEARS, and I feel like 2016 is that time. Here are some books that I have that I desperately want to do some re-reads of this year!

Pushing the Limits Series by Katie McGarry | Goodreads

This is one of my all-time favorite series, and I’m in for a re-read. I have some of the series, but I need to buy two of the books – and then re-read them. I’ve been wanting to get back into this world and let McGarry’s words consume me.

If you’re a lover of contemporary urban romance, this is the series for you! It’s a great series about growing up and falling in love, and also has a heavy emphasis on personal growth, which I love.

Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles Series) by Melina Marchetta | Goodreads

I’m a massive Melina Marchetta fan, and her fantasy series is one of my favorites. It features beautiful world building, phenomenal writing, and entoxicating plotlines. I fell head-over-heels for this series while I was reading it, and doing a binge-read sounds absolutely blissful.

Also, I love Melina Marchetta.


Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Series) by Leigh Bardugo | Goodreads

Leigh Bardugo is one of my all-time favorites, and I desperately want to get back into the Grishaverse. I read each of these books with a year between them, and didn’t re-read, so I don’t think I really experienced the full magic of the book. I’d forgotten a lot of the little details in the time between each installment, so I think with a binge-read I could fully enjoy the series.

If you haven’t read this series, DO IT.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling | Goodreads

I haven’t read these since I was a kid, and I don’t even know if I read all of them (???). I think I may have skipped Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Askaban and I need to go back and read them. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I can truly call myself a fan of the series. I think I’m especially in for a re-read after re-watching all of the movies over the holiday break – I realized how much I’d forgotten of this series! It’s such a magical one.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak | Goodreads

One of my all-time favorite historical fiction books, and one that I continue to recommend to people. It’s such an incredible story, and with my love for historical fiction set in World War II, I need to experience it’s magic again. The story of Liesel and Rudy is one that I’ll always hold close to my heart, and one if you haven’t read, you must.

It’s pure magic.

A bit of a short list, but I really want to challenge myself to read all of these this year! If I can get through all of these, I think I’ll award myself with a book-buying spree.

Geez, I need to find some time.